Ginataang Mais

I remember my first snowfall experience when I first arrived here in Switzerland. Coming from a country which is pretty much summer all year round, snow seemed pretty cool. So when it snowed that late January day, I was quite amazed and the first thing I did was stick out my tongue. Yup, just like how kids do in movies. Hehe.

But a few days later, snow turned into ice and walking on the streets became hazardous. Imagine everyone trying to get to class on time.. :\

I suddenly had this craving of Ginataang Mais or Sweet Corn and Rice in Coconut Milk. I saw this recipe on FoodGawker a while back while I was still in the Philippines and absolutely loved it. So I thought, ‘Hey, why not? It’s totally perfect for the weather nowadays.’ And to the suggestion of Nelma, I added some langgka or jackfruit which made it even for flavorful and added a nice aroma.

So go to the Asian section of your local grocery, grab these ingredients and make this. You won’t regret it.