Mini birthday cakes!

It’s the 10th of April (Philippine time) as I type this which means.. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! *cue imaginary horns and confetti* Yup, too excited to wait til I post on the ‘right time’ here in Switzerland but anywho, today/in a few hours, I turn 20. Twenty. 2 decades. 1 score. Damnnn.. I’m officially not a teen anymore :(

For the past 3 birthdays, I’ve celebrated it far from home. I do miss my family dinners, wearing red and baking cakes during someone’s birthday. Come to think of it, I’ve never even made my own birthday cake! But my friends here in Switzerland have taken it into their own hands and bought me cakes and gifts in our own little gathering which I’ll be forever grateful for. (Love you guys!)

This year, I bought myself some mini cakes from Lucien Moutarlier, a local patisserie here in Montreux which makes some of the best and most attractive cakes around town! It’s also a member of the Relais Desserts :O I make a point of going into the shop to at least twice per semester to buy and taste something new, to gawk at the pretty desserts and not to mention, grab a copy of Desserts which is a seasonal magazine from Relais Desserts! During this visit, I intended to just buy one however, as I was only bringing my debit card, they had a minimum amount required for it so I ended up buying 2. Not that I’m complaining ;)

I decided not to take something covered in chocolate and went for these two cakes:

Left: Epicea; Right: Anthares

First, the Epicea which is the cake to the left. I was instantly attracted (and curious) to it due to it’s whiteness and my friend S recommended it as well. It’s composed of a gianduja, hazelnut and 5 spice crust, sponge, apricot cremeux and milk chocolate mousse. I’m not exactly sure what the white layer covering the mousse is. The texture is quite sticky and it’s quite sturdy (for the lack of better word) and covers the cake like fondant. Any ideas? :\

Tastewise, I loved the nutty-spice flavor with the fruit and chocolate. And although the cake and base did separate, I still liked the smooth to crunchy texture. On a side note, I do realize that the base layer of the cake blends in with the cork board I used. Haha.

Next up is the Anthares. Made with a chocolate sponge base, dark chocolate mousse, pistachio bavaroise then covered in pistachios, I have been wanting to try this one out. I happen to like pistachios and with the bright green colored cake, I knew I had to take it.

I was surprised as I sliced through it to find that it’s quite soft despite how it looks or perhaps because I still took a walk under the sun before indulging. The pistachio flavor is just right and the chocolate flavors as well. All in all, the cake was well balanced and light. I also liked how there’s texture from the tiny bits of pistachios outside and a layer inside as well.

Between both cakes, I’d have to say that the Epicea is the one I would go back for due to its blend of flavors and texture. So, if you happen to be around here, do visit Lucien Moutarlier and try their cakes! They have cakes available in 3 sizes, if I’m not mistaken as well as other goodies like macarons and chocolate.

Before I go, I have to say that turning 20 feels like a new chapter has begun. Although nothing has changed much as of now (except gaining a few calories), I feel like it’s the decade to accomplish something; to make a mark in the world or at least my world. Still not quite sure how that’s gonna happen but I’ll get there. *game face* Let’s do this.

Lucien Moutarlier
Grand Rue 44