Cancelled flight + Cookies that didn’t exactly turn out right.

I’m supposed to be on a flight en route to New York at this moment. Supposedly. Due to the weather over there, my flight was unfortunately cancelled. I was half-expecting it to be honest; probably why I’m somewhat calm about the whole thing. I’ve rebooked for the 29th and hopefully all will go well then since I’ve already lost 2 days in NY. BOOOO! I’m mostly disappointed because I won’t have much time to visit places I wanted to spend more time in, but what can I do..

Anyway, I returned back to the apartment and changed back to my house clothes. A few hours, I had the sudden urge to bake. Baking is a form of therapy for me although not all results turn out well, especially on a bad day.

What were supposed to be nicely round cookies ended up like this.

Yep, I could totally imagine your face. xD

But even I was surprised when I thought of cutting them out instead of throwing them in the bin. Normally, a few months ago, I’m embarrassed to admit that I would frustratingly place the baking sheet immediately into the sink. But today, I looked for something I could cut out the mis-shapen cookies with and cut them into rounds.

excuse the blurry picture :p

They were delicious though! Too thin for my liking but that’s probably because the dough had too much butter which made it spread too much. But on the parts where it was somewhat thicker, it was really good and chewy. After it cooled, the tops were crunchy but the inside still chewy. The extra touch of coffee I added made it really smell good too.

So this got me thinking what my New Years’ Resolution would be; to think positive. I’ve always been too realistic to the point of being negative. So in 2011, hopefully, I’ll be able to fulfill this resolution. ;)

Lastly, I’ve asked this in my previous post but unfortunately my pictures weren’t good enough to get accepted at FB/TS, but anyone have any recommendations of places to visit (aside from Momofoku)? Food and other sites? ;)

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  1. Good luck with your flight on the 29th! It’s not pretty on the ground here in the NY area. Hopefully things return to normal soon. As for recommendations—I can offer one. If you like perfumes be sure to check out the Fragrance Shop NY (21 E. 7th St., 212-254-8950). It’s a small shop but everyone there is really friendly. They will make a personal scent for you. I left there with two personal scents. It’s a nice way to remember your trip!

  2. Good work on saving those cookies!
    Hope you make it to NY soon

  3. Liz

     /  December 28, 2010

    Those look so good! My flight was canceled to NYC today too! I’m from Santa Barbara CA…and I went 2 hours to L.A…THEN my flight was canceled. I didn’t think of baking anything, I should have. It ALWAYS helps. Good luck with your flight on the 29th! I’ve got one too! Safe travels! :-)

  4. Kat

     /  December 28, 2010

    LS: Thanks! Yes, I have seen pictures of the aftermath of the blizzard X___X hopefully by then, it would be cleared somewhat. I’m not a big on perfume but having a customized scent? That would be awesome! I’ll try to check it out! Thank you! :D

    Kat: Thank you! :)

    Liz: Aww, that bites! Good luck with yours as well! Have a safe trip! :D

  5. I ran into some trouble with flying this holidays season, too. As soon as the whole ordeal was over, I was home baking! I agree that cooking/baking are like therapy =) Have a great trip to NYC!

  6. it definitely helps to think more positive. I can 100% proudly say that 2010 was a great year for me because I chose to be more positive & surround myself with positive people. when I saw the pic with the round cut cookies, I actually thought “what a great way to resolve a problem!”

    I hope you have a safe trip to NY & I’m also very happy you’re the featured blogger on today! rightly deserved cause that’s where I ran into your blog a few weeks back!

  7. kindamixedup

     /  January 3, 2011

    those were some funny looking cookies! Good work on saving them! They actually look super good ^^

  8. Kat

     /  January 23, 2011

    yumtherapy: Thank you! ^^

    boogie: Awww, thank you! I really appreciate you coming back! :D

    kindamixedup: Haha, thank you! :)

  9. sufeiyasworld

     /  April 11, 2011

    those look like some delicious cookies ,
    i always feel i could do anything after coffee and cookies :D


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