happy birthday to my grandma!

Two years ago, after I graduated high school and picked up baking, I’ve been baking each of my family members their birthday cakes. Each birthday allows me to experiment with different kinds of cakes, textures and layers. But whenever my grandma’s birthday comes along, I always bake her favorite kind of cake, a yellow butter cake. but this year when I asked her what she wanted, her first answer was, to my surprise, chocolate!

Normally, I’d jump at any opportunity to bake anything chocolate [who doesn’t? ;)] but since my family is very conscious with sweets and do try to lay off them, I’ve decided to combine both butter and chocolate cakes. I know it sounds weird but I decided to have 2 layers of butter cake and a layer of chocolate in between them and frost with something light.

The cake turned out to be pretttttty good (I’m still eating it and it’s already midnight!)! Although, I would use another recipe for the chocolate layer instead of adding cocoa powder using the same yellow cake recipe. But the yellow cake was great! The frosting however, wouldn’t hold up as I would’ve liked maybe because it’s pretty hot in this part of the world but it was still quite okay.

Now I gotta admit two years on and I’m still a noob an amateur when it comes to cake decorating, being not exactly the most creative person on Earth which is ironic since I’d really like to open my own patisserie/cafe business in the future but hey, I like to think that my perseverance will pay off in the long run. ;)

Do you like the basket weave pattern? :3 I’m very happy even though it’s not perfect because this is my first try doing the pattern! The frosting started to melt towards the end though, but I’m still happy! Excuse the giddy person.

Buuuuut enough about me.

I’d like to dedicate this post to my Grandmother; a beautiful, caring, hardworking, loving and smart woman who’s achieved a lot and worked hard for her family. I hope you liked your cake this year or at least pretend to! Haha! Love you Ama*!

As for the recipes, I used Deb’s (of Smitten Kitchen) recipe for the yellow cake and for the frosting, I found this recipe for a Cream Cheese Whipped Cream Frosting from allrecipes.com, which is really light. You can find the recipe for the chocolate whipped cream filling here, wherein I used just half a teaspoon of the espresso powder and used melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder.

*Ama means grandmother in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect. :)

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  1. It is nice to see another yellow cake after I made so many to find “the one”. I think your decorations are lovely. I’ve been wanting to make the basket-weave pattern for awhile now. So much in fact that I purchased a tip for it a few weeks ago. Congratulations on your excellent work!

    Happy birthday to your grandmother!!

    • Kat

       /  July 17, 2010

      Thank you! You should try it! It’s quite easy once you get the hang of it. My hands were shaking quite a bit which you could probably tell from the pictures. xD Can’t wait to see your work! :D

  2. Ashley S

     /  July 17, 2010

    Wow… I loved the look of this cake, and I’ve saved it to my bookmarks. I will also definitely be checking out your blog more in the future! It’s nice to find someone like me on the Internets. I am two years out of high school, and would also like to open up my own patisserie/cafe business (after I graduate college). Oh, plus I am really still a bit of an “amateur” myself when it comes to decorating and even baking itself most times. But yes, anyway, you are awesome. Thanks for a great post! And yes, happy birthday to your grandma! :)

  3. Lovely cake. I’m not sure I have the patience to decorate with the basketweave hehe, but you did it beautifully. Your grandma is a lucky lady :).

  4. Kat

     /  July 18, 2010

    Ashley: Thank you! I agree, I love seeing people my age with the same interests as well. :)

    Xiaolu: Thank you! My hands were shaking all the way but you get the hang of the pattern after repeating it 2-3 times. :D

  5. This is one heck of a beautiful cake!!!


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